Setting Up the Intel® StrongARM® SA-1111 Companion Chip for DMA Access to SDRAM Application Note

The Intel® StrongARM® SA-1110 processor (SA-1110) and the Intel® StrongARM® SA-1111 companion chip (SA-1111) are both connected to and share access to system main memory. The main memory is comprised of one or more physical banks of SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM). Normally the SA-1110 processor controls the SDRAM for functions such as cache load and store, DMA to and from processor peripheral ports, and LCD display refresh. The SA-1111 can also access one bank of SDRAM. This enables the SA-1111 to directly transfer data between system memory and its USB Host Controller or Serial Audio Controller units.

ARM is a trademark and StrongARM is a registered trademark of ARM, Ltd.

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