StrongARM® SA-1100 Multimedia Development Board with Companion SA-1101 Development Board Brief Datasheet

StrongARM® SA-1100 Multimedia Development Board – The SA-1100 microprocessor provides a true convergence for the appliance, telephony, and embedded computer market segments. With an SA-1100 microprocessor at the heart of this motherboard, this design is an example integration of video, audio, POTS communication, flash, and a DSP co-processor on board. Benefiting from programmable CPLDs, the circuit routing is extremely flexible and probe points provide access to key signals. Two connectors are provided for mounting daughter cards, including one for the optional SA-1101 daughter board.

StrongARM® SA-1101 Development Board – The optional SA-1101 companion device provides additional I/O connections for devices and peripherals, including VGA graphics. With an SA-1101 at the heart of this daughter card, this board provides expanded I/O connections for video, PCMCIA card connector, USB, DSUB and 1284/Parallel ports, and PS/2 connections. It also provides a hardware and software development environment for PCMCIA interfaces, IEEE 1284, and matrix keyboards. Like the SA-1100 multimedia development board, this design also benefits from programmable CPLDs and probe points that provide access to key signals.

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