Intel® StrongARM® SA-1110 Microprocessor Advanced Developer's Manual

The Intel® StrongARM® SA-1110 Microprocessor (SA-1110) is a highly integrated communications microcontroller that incorporates a 32-bit StrongARM® RISC processor core, system support logic, multiple communication channels, an LCD controller, a memory and PCMCIA controller, and general-purpose I/O ports.

As do the Intel® StrongARM® SA-110 Microprocessor (SA-110) and Intel StrongARM SA-1100 Microprocessor (SA-1100), earlier members of the StrongARM family, the SA-1110 provides power efficiency, low cost, and high performance. Figure 1-1 shows the features of the SA-1110. The shaded boxes are features that have carried over with few or no changes from the SA-110. The nonshaded boxes are new or updated features for the SA-1110. The SA-1110 differs from the SA-1100 only in the features of its memory and PCMCIA controller.

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