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[Sketch of Netwinder]

This should be the most useless (for developers) page around here.


I have finally decided to completely erase everything on my Netwinder and load it with the DM-3.9-28 image. I have succeeded in booting it through tftp/nfs. However, tinkering with fstab caused it to now automatically reboot itself shortly after booting; obviously, the system in such a state is useless.

The system backup is finished, after almost a day of copying. After booting into the new DM image, I found that X does not work.

Note added by staff: Actually X does work just fine, there is a little glitch, that has been posted a few times on the developer newsgroup: you have to delete or rename /dev/tv then it runs perfectly. Also, could you please update your .forward file, so that we can mail you with useful information like this in the future? Thanks ;)

Back to square one: searching for the problem yields “XFree86 3.3 is no longer supported; use XFree86 4 instead&rdquo. I will now have to download Debian and see if Debian works.