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How to get started

I got my replacement NetWinder from CCC a couple of weeks ago. Now the next job is to create a workable environment that will survive a disk image upgrade.

I don't know if anything here would be useful at all. They probably will be of some limited use, but perhaps not.


The first thing I did is to RCS-control every system file I edit. Hopefully, I will be able to back-patch my edited versions if I need to overwrite my /etc directory during upgrades.

Use the empty partition

The empty partition ought to be used. It seems that the most logical place to mount it is to mount it on /home.

Installing binaries

One of the annoyances of the NetWinder's factory settings is that there is stuff in /usr/local. This is real bad; the stuff should probably be put into /usr/ccc or some such other place. Following my own bad habit, I decided to follow Waterloo's xhier convention and place stuff under /software. In this case, /software would be a symlink into /home because the empty space is in /home. @