Got my NetWinder 6th November 1998. 32M/850M
Current Projects:-

Applied the NeTTrom 2.04. All OK. Adjusted boot defaults
Have kept my /dev/hda2 root structure
Got home from work at 11:30 so ...
Noticed perl5.004_04 in dm-2.09 download...
Once using new image, time play with other Perl builds.
Tom (son) installed the latest WMSound. I didn't hear him
crowing so I 'll asuume it blew up...

Got the latest disk image and NeTTrom. Will be applying them RSN...

Then I get to play with some of the NFS/tftp/dhcp stuff

Thanks San

#1 priority Apply NeTTrom and new disk image.

Have allocated 1GB on my P133 for NFS mounting Winder stuff.
Downloading image now....33.3k modem. It's early Monday morning
in Sunny Canberra and the modem is flying for the time being :)
Window Maker 0.20.2 with WMSound support.

Status: WM installs OK, fails if left alone  - fix posted by on his page

 wmsound - SIGSEGV

Perl 5.004_04 - Configure issues... (applied perl_5.004.04-6.1.diff
fro Debian project. problem could be with BSD config confusion...)

Perl 5.005_xx testing - tuits....

samba-2.0.0-alpha15 - configure issues (not surprising as 2.0.0
is 1st autoconfiged Samba)

Have successfully compiled and installed:-


fbset-1.0 - interrogating and setting video devices
(haven't tries setting any devices yet)
Under pressure from my son to get Video Capture running so he can
update :-) Have go 10 metres of 
RCA to RCA 75ohm cable. He already has played Destruction Derby using
the diag capture test.