Java on ARM

This page is dedicated to all things Java running on ARM platforms. In particular, it provides binary RPMs and source RPMs for various java related packages. The binary RPMs are compiled on my netwinder.

14/05/2001 - added RPM and SRPM for jikes 1.14

22/03/2001 - corrected information on IBM J9 java environment (mistakenly labeled it J2ME)

14/03/2001 - updated kaffe RPMs: fixed to use shared libraries, libtool wasn't able to find "file", and compiled with gmp support, which fixes a java.math.BigInteger problem

Kaffe 1.0.6 (no jit) Kaffe is a cleanroom, open source implementation of a Java virtual machine and class libraries.  Implements 1.1 and parts of 1.2. RPM SRPM
fastjar 0.93 Fastjar is an implementation of Sun's jar utility that comes with the JDK, written entirely in C, and runs in a fraction of the time while being 100% feature compatible. RPM SRPM
Jikes 1.13 IBM's Java source file to bytecode compiler. RPM SRPM
Jikes 1.14 IBM's Java source file to bytecode compiler. RPM SRPM

Other resources:
Blackdown has ported the 1.1.8 version of the Sun JDK to arm; it is available here. had a page on Java on the Compaq iPaq
IBM Visual Age Micro Edition (J9) is a beta J2SE development environment targeted at embedded devices that supports Linux/ARM

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Last updated: Tuesday May 14, 2001

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