Welcome to my (belated) developer's page!

I received my NetWinder in July of 1998, with the intent of using it as a gateway/router for the Internet.  Circumstances intruded, however, and the NetWinder was pressed into actual production work as a tool for CAD data transfer.  My new toy was finally freed up at about the same time Corel announced the sale of the NetWinder division.  By this time, my machine's software was sorely out of date.
Original NetWinder DM Disk Image NetTrom 1.3pl3
Kernel 2.0.31, a.out Clunky, slow, and messy X windows setup
Few software packages So so reliability
Loud Fan ...but really cool sound support...

Spurred by the (hopefully irrational) fear that operating system software may suddenly become unavailable, I set about upgrading. That story may show up here - it's kind of boring.

The end result, though, is a really cool little Linux box. The difference in capabilities between last July's disk image and the current one is striking.

So now I get to actually try to do things with the system. I'll be chronicling (spelling?) anything I learn on this site.

Chuck Stuart

Project #1:


- diald-0.16.5 works! See link for details

Project #2:


- v1.1.19 compiles out of the box

Project #3:

Web Browser

I'd like to have a graphical web browser. Possibilities include:

  • Chimera
  • Hot Java
  • Mozilla
  • Mnemonic
  • I read a NetWinder review that indicated Netscape Communicator might be available soon. Does anyone know?

    Project #4:


    I have moved "all" of my graphics generation for this page onto my NetWinder. Nothing too thrilling - check the page for compilation details.

    Project #5:

    Window Maker

    Compiles with no problems, works like a dream - just the spiffiest window manager around.

    Project #6:


    OK, yeah, this was silly. Why run a numerically intensive program on a system lacking an FPU? Well - why not? Compiles with no problems, works fine - but awfully slow.

    Last updated March 17, 1999