As you have probably guessed, I have a Netwinder DM. I brought it home on 1998-10-09, after much impatient waiting. It took about a month for delivery, and weighs less than most babies.

My particular breed of monster has a 3.2GB drive, and 64MB of RAM. It also has a tonne of external ports that aparently have absolutely no current supporting software. Hopefully, that will change.

I plan to put usefull stuff here, really I do.

The first thing you will notice when you plug your new Netwinder in is the fan. I find that if I put it beside a system with a failing hard drive, the fan sound goes away :)

I'll be updating this shortly to include a few tips, etc, to getting it going.

While I am at this, does anybody know how to force 100Mbps on eth1?

I can be reached by email at Foxtrot Echo Hotel Roger @
(if you can't read it, I probably don't want your mail)


[1999-02-15] Update: Got my 'winder back from Corel today. Oh joyous day, it works again. It had been out of commission for the past few months due to a botched upgrade attempt, and I finally got my act together and sent it in for an upgrade by Corel. Works like a charm now.

Maybe I can do some stuff with it now.