DOOM for NetWinder

I've gotten the LxDoom DOOM source port running on my NetWinder.

Raffaele Sena has ported DUMB to NetWinder, you might want to play with that too. See Raff's page. As a DOOM veteran, DUMB's look and feel is a little weird to me, so I thought it was worth the time to try and port DOOM.

Getting DOOM to work took me a while, mostly because of structure alignment and signed/unsigned char issues, but with a new makefile and liberal doses of "-fsigned-char", "-fpack-struct" and "-mshort-load-bytes" it builds and runs. There are a only a few tiny patches needed.

Note that I'm still running the disk image that came with my DM (a.out X server and all), but since the port works on my system it should work on your more up-to-date systems, but I don't know how/if the newer kernels handle alignment traps, and DOOM does some pretty ugly casting here and there.

To build DOOM for NetWinder, make a new directory, and get the following files:

  1. The LxDoom sources
  2. boomlump.wad
  3. makefile.nw
  4. diffs
  5. A real DOOM .wad file such as doom.wad or doom2.wad. Set your DOOMWADDIR environment variable to point at the directory where this lives. You should be able to use the shareware wad file (remember to gunzip it) if you don't have the registered game.

Step by step build instructions,

gunzip -c lxdoom-v1.2.0.src.tar.gz | tar xvf -
gunzip -c lxdoom-v1.boomlump.tar.gz | tar xvf -
cp makefile.nw lxdoom-v1.2.0.src/src
cd lxdoom-v1.2.0.src/src
patch < ../../diffs
make -f makefile.nw
mv ../../lxdoom-v1.2.0.i386/boomlump.wad .
setenv DOOMWADDIR /usr/local/sa110/lib/games/doom
./lxdoom -file boomlump.wad -2

Of course the "setenv" will probably be different for you.

PLEASE NOTE - DOOM may stress your NetWinder pretty hard; at one point while playing DOOM my system hung with a horrible noise looping out of the speaker (perhaps the DOOM monsters got in there?). You have been warned.

Jamie Guinan