Shipping NetWinder FAQ

Got yourself a shiny new NetWinder? Got a few problems with it? Maybe one of them appears below?
Help! My clock is set to some weird value!
Yup. It doesn't have a battery, just a big capacitor, enough for about two days. So don't turn your NW off, eh? Here's how to fix your clock:
  • date -s mm/dd/yy
  • date -s hh:mm
  • clock -w -u
or if you've got the network configured:
  • rdate
  • clock -w -u
or if you're using ntpdate:
  • # ntpdate uses adjtime(), which cannot set time backwards.
  • date -s 980101
  • ntpdate
  • clock -w -u
Help! I have some files which are dated in the future!
Yup. Obviously some people worked on the image without performing the previous step. Fix it like this:
  • touch /tmp/now
  • find / -newer /tmp/now -exec touch {} \;
Help! X doesn't work on my monitor!
Yup. The default X framebuffer is 1024x780.
  • rm /dev/fb0current
  • ln -s /dev/fb0color640x480x16
Help! The fan is always running on high speed!
Yup. The thermostat is set way low. Set it to 50 degrees C like this:
  • set_therm 50
Help! What happened to my 3.2GB of disk?
It's there. pfdisk /dev/hda will show it all to you when you use its L command. 16MB of boot partition, 700MB of root partition, 125MB of swap, and 2079MB of /disc/hda4.
Help! How do I set up Ethernet networking?
No problem. Configure eth0 if you're using the 10Mbps port. Configure eth1 if you're using the 10/100 port.
  • /etc/rc.d/init.d/network stop
  • vi /etc/sysconfig/network
  • vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
  • vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1
  • /etc/rc.d/init.d/network start
    This will complain that the tulip module is already loaded. This is a harmless bug. Ignore it.
Help! How do I set my console to get more characters on the screen?
Pat Beirne puts setfont -9 into his rc.sysinit. Most apps handle 80x44 well.
Help! My machine runs hotter than I think it should.
Try powering down your hard drive after a bit. Use hdparm -S 15 /dev/hda to power down the disk after 75 seconds.
Help! When I move a window in X, it leaves some pixels behind and doesn't redraw properly.
It's a function of the X server code and kernel. The X server performs unaligned writes, which generate a fault. The kernel doesn't handle these properly, so the screen gets corrupted. It's a known problem, and the CCC folks are testing a kernel which fixes it.
Help! How do I connect an external modem and run PPP?
Apart from the usual PPP travails, you need to do the following (the first three steps need only be done once, of course).
  • cd /lib/modules
  • mv ppp.o misc
  • mv slhc.o misc
  • insmod slhc
  • insmod ppp
Help! My netwinder doesn't boot anymore!
Uh-oh. You broke it didn't you? Sounds like you need Stany's boot rescue HOWTO.

Russell Nelson
Last modified: Tue Aug 25 00:24:47 EDT 1998