Corel Netwinder Memory Map

Memory Map

Phys Start End Virtual Start2 PCI Start1 Cachable Comments
0000.0000 01FF.FFFF 0 and C0000000 0000.0000 y 32 meg SDRAM, will be subdivided by the OS
4000.0000 4000.FFFF ? DRAM mode registers
4100.0000 410F.FFFF E18x.xxxx y3 1 meg flash ROM, you will probably want to set up an alias which is non-cachable, non-burst, for when you want to write to the FLASH
4200.0000 420F.FFFF E10x.xxxx ? CSR
5000.0000 5000.0FFF E130.0xxx y StrongARM cache flush (no stalls)
7800.0000 7800.0FFF E120.0xxx y PCI write flush
7900.0000 7900.0003 E110.0000 n PCI IACK address
7B00.0000 7BFF.FFFF E01x.xxxx n PCI config
7C00.0000 7C00.0FFF E000.0xxx n PCI I/O space
8000.0000 80FF.FFFF D0xx.xxxx 08xx.xxxx y direct, burst access to VGA image
9000.0000 9000.FFFF D100.xxxx n modem codec
A000.0000 A000.00FF E140.00xx 2000.00xx n direct, burst access to Ether100
1PCI bus masters see these addresses.
2These are the addresses used by Linux code, after the memory management unit has been enabled. Note that the SDRAM is owned by the Linux kernel and is managed at address C000.0000. When memory is dished out to user code, it appears duplicated at 0-BFFF.FFFF in the user space.
3Non-burst, non-bufferable. next: VGA map
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