Netwinder Hardware documentation Collected from information provided by Russell Nelson, Todd Graham Lewis, Pat Beirne, Andrew Mileski, and Jim Tittsler.

Footbridge ARM PCI controller

StrongArm SA-110

StrongARM Microprocessors: Technical Documentation

Cyber2000 video controller

C2000 compared to others
IGS Corporate Profile
CYBER2000 Release Notes
full specs requires NDA

7111 VHS->YUV video transformer

SAA7111 data sheet (pdf)
Official 7111 site
ARC - Hardware architecture

Winbond 553 IDE

553 official page
553 data sheet (pdf)

Winbond 940 ethernet

940 data sheet (pdf)
940 site
8390 backgrounder
Actually it's the data sheet for the Realtek RTL8029.

Rockwell WaveArtist

Information on soundblasters and clones. Rockwell has a marketing page for the WaveArtist. Rockwell sent me a CD where I found the WaveArtist 010 and 030 Audio System Devices Data Sheet, and the WaveArtist 010 Audio System Designer's Guide.

Digital 21143 ("Tulip") ethernet

The main Linux Tulip Development page has more information than most ordinary mortals would ever want to know about the Tulip.

LevelOne PHY

LevelOne PHY is a chip that fits between a typical Ethernet chip and the physical media. All of the "interesting to software" stuff is in the Tulip chip.

LXT970A Fast Ethernet Transceiver

SuperIO keyboard, serial, IR

The W83877AF integrates the serial port (UART), SPP/BPP/EPP/ECP parallel port, ACPI, 8042 keyboard controller with PS/2 mouse support, Real Time Clock, 14 general purpose I/O ports, full 16-bit address decoding, IrDA 1.0 SIR (115,200 bps), IrDA 1.1 MIR (1.152M bps) or FIR (4M bps), TV remote IR (supports NEC, RC-5, extended RC-5, and RECS-80 protocols). Through the printer port interface pins, also available are: Extension FDD Mode and Extension 2FDD Mode allowing one or two external floppy disk drives to be attached. W83977F/ AF provides functions that complies with ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface), which includes support of legacy and ACPI power management through SMI or SCI function pins. W83977F/ AF also has auto power management toreduce power consumption. The keyboard controller is based on 8042 compatible instruction set with a 2K Byte programmable ROM and a 256-Byte RAM bank. Keyboard BIOS firmware are available with optional AMIKEYTM -2, Phoenix MultiKey/42TM, or customer code.

Winbond W83977AF
Data sheet

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