NetWinder Application Notes


I've tried to compile emacs-20.2. I got the furthest with it configured for Linux/i386. It build temacs (tiny emacs) but that immediately core dumps. I also tried configure it as a Acorn machine (since it's also an ARM) and that failed in many many ways very early on. It seems Emacs is more dependent on the OS than on the ARCH. I sent RMS some e-mail asking for help, but he never wrote back.


I haven't looked into this too much. Just far enough to see there's no configure setup for Linux/ARM. It should be too hard just to try to combine some of the ARM Arch. stuff with the Linux OS stuff.


I tried to build util_linux. I had to copy and paste all the i386 sections for the disk-utils fdisklabel. I'm sure this is probably not right, but, I wasn't going to trust those programs anyway. I got login to build but it doesn't work very well. This could be a problem with PAM.


I got ssh to build by using the --no-asm flag during configure. It works perfect, but only for one login. After that you get an error message about permission denied trying to allocate ptty. My guess is this related to the broken utmp implementation (or lack thereof).


Linux-PAM will not build correctly because dvips crashes. :( Otherwise, it seems OK.


I build teTeX. However, it seems dvips crashes with an invalid assertion.


Currently, trying to get octave to compile cleanly.


Currently, trying to get DDD to compile cleanly.