Header changes

I managed to build several packages right out of the SRPMs. There was a couple of key things I needed to change. In /usr/include/stdio.h I needed to add:

#define stdin _IO_stdin
#define stdout _IO_stdout
#define stderr _IO_stderr
and I needed to change the prototype of sys_errlist to:

extern char *sys_errlist[];

In /usr/include/glob.h replace the two occurances of size_t with int since size_t is not defined necessarily.


There are two different utmp.h files. One is located in /usr/include the other is in /usr/include/bits . The utmp and wtmp files can constantly get corrupted by different programs compiled with different these different version of the header files.


The g++ that comes with the NetWinder doesn't automatically like with libstdc++ for some unknown reason. This make the compiler seem broken to many configure scripts. By change the lines:
%{!shared: %{!symbolic: -lc}}
to read:
%{!shared: %{!symbolic: -lc}} %{!shared: %{!symbolic: -lstdc++}}
the C++ compiler should work as expected.


There's some major idenity crisis on the NetWinder sometimes it's "arm", sometimes it's "armv4", and sometimes it's "sa110". Well, the default uname says it's "sa110" which messes up a whole bunch of configure scripts. I've hacked a version that responds with the machine type "arm" instead. You can grab it here.