All of the links below are compiled packages for the Netwinder. Untar them in the root directory to install them. The binaries are stripped, and most sources have been omitted.

General stuff | GIMP stuff | GNOME stuff

General stuff

Package Description Build notes
bzip2 0.1pl2 lossless file compression compiles cleanly
DDD 3.0 Data Display Debugger, a slick GUI front-end to GDB (requires Lesstif) compiles cleanly
GNU fileutils 3.16 Updated, ELF versions of cp, ls, rm, and so on compiles cleanly
IRCII 4.4 IRC client compiles cleanly
GNU make 3.77 Updated make compiles cleanly
Lesstif-current from 23/Oct/98 Motif clone, bleeding-edge version from 23/Oct/98 compiles cleanly
MesaGL 2.6 free OpenGL clone compiles cleanly
MesaGL 3.0 free OpenGL clone compiles cleanly
netcat 1.10 Command-line TCP and UDP socket access disable -static
NEdit 5.0.2 Fancy X11 text editor (requires Lesstif) compiles cleanly
OpenLook OpenLook window managers, menus, and libraries messy. Libxview doesn't build, so most OpenLook clients are omitted here.
Samba 1.9.18p10 SMB file and print services daemon needs definition of union semun copied from libc includes on another system
GNU textutils 1.22 Updated, ELF versions of head, tail, comm, wc, md5sum, and so on compiles cleanly
XV 3.10a XV image viewer (with jpegv6 patch) compiles cleanly

GIMP stuff

Package Description Build notes
AAlib 1.2 ASCII-art library compiles cleanly
GIMP 1.0.1 GNU Image Manipulation Program compiles cleanly
GTK+ 1.0.6 Gimp Toolkit - widget library compiles cleanly
MPEG library 1.2.1 MPEG encoding/decoding library disable -static

GNOME stuff

  • Warning: libpng and anything that requires it is broken
  • Everything here will unpack into /opt/gnome. You don't want it in /usr/local, because that will screw up GIMP and any other GTK+ 1.0.* applications.
  • Midnight Commander won't build. The regex library conflicts with the regex library already on the system.

    Package Description Build notes
    ElectricEyes 0.3 (PARTIALLY BROKEN) Image viewer/manipulation utility compiles cleanly
    Glib 1.1.3 GTK+ support library (required for GTK+) - developmental/GNOME version compiles cleanly
    GNOME core binaries v0.30 (BROKEN) GNOME panel and applets compiles cleanly
    GNOME games v0.30 Some GNOME games (compiled without Scheme support) compiles cleanly
    GNOME libraries v0.30 Base GNOME libraries (required) compiles cleanly
    Gnumeric 0.3 GNOME spreadsheet compiles cleanly
    GTK+ 1.1.2 Gimp Toolkit - widget library, developmental/GNOME version (required) compiles cleanly
    GNOME Top 0.28 GNOME process/CPU/memory/swap viewer compiles cleanly
    Imlib 1.8.1 Rasterman's image library (required) compiles cleanly
    GNOME HTTP library GNOME HTTP library (required for the Bus Sign applet) compiles cleanly
    GIF library 3.0 GIF compression and decompression (required) compiles cleanly
    GNOME Top library GNOME /proc abstraction library (required for gnome-core and gtop) compiles cleanly
    PNG library 1.0.2 (BROKEN) PNG compression and decompression (required) compiles cleanly
    GNOME XML library 0.30 GNOME XML library (required for Gnumeric) compiles cleanly
    ORBit 0.3.0 GNOME CORBA ORB (required) compiles cleanly
    Zlib 1.1.2 Compression library compiles cleanly

    Patrick Reynolds