STEPwinder? What is that?

STEPwinder, basically, is the combination of GNUstep and Netwinder. It is the project that aims at porting and maintaining the GNUstep libraries to the Netwinder platform.
GNUstep is the GNU project that aims at freely implementing the OPENSTEP APIs and libraries, so that all may benefit from this marvelous development and user environment.


2000/05/13 - Some news... I've been very quiet lately mainly because the latest GCC releases for NetWinders have a broken libobjc. I'm working as much as I can to fix ASAP. For now, GNUstep compiles, but most apps crash...

1999/11/26 - Another non-GNUstep package: the xforms library is available at
The LyX document processor is also available at

1999/11/16 - Not exactly GNUstep related, but a binary RPM of kdevelop for ARM-Linux is now available in my ftp site.

1999/09/19 - GNUstep Dawn 0.6.0 is now available! Hurray!

1999/09/05 - Snapshots 990905 available.

1999/09/01 - Snashots 990901 available. New link.

1999/08/29 - Snapshots 990829 availble. New downloads section.

1999/08/26 - Snapshots 990825 available, as well as extensions-0.8.5 (experimental RPM, not sure if I have everything in there, no time to test yet).

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