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Last updated Dec 31, 2003

This page is maintained by Ralph Siemsen and provides information on NetWinder kernels, firmware, disk images and related matters.


The NetWinder has 1 MB of flash memory which contains bootstrap code as well as a stripped-down Linux kernel (the "minikernel"). A real kernel can then be loaded from disk or via the network, and the full boot follows. It is also possible to put a small ramdisk in the flash memory.


The 2.2 and 2.4 linux kernel series are know to work well on NetWinder. The 2.6 series is still "experimental" at this time. In the past, our kernels were named 2.x.y-YYYYMMDD (in other words, we used date stamp). Since th 2.4 era we use RPM packages with a "release" number that goes up by one as necessary, etc. 2.4.19-8 is the eigth release of 2.4.19 kernel. To determine the kernel version on a NetWinder, use the uname -a command (or, equivalently, cat /proc/version also works).

Disk Images

NetWinders currently ship with a RedHat linux system preinstalled, and possibily other things added (such as KDE, WordPerfect, etc). There are separate disk images for each of the NetWinder models, though they are all based on a common master (the DM model). Disk images can be identified by looking at the /etc/redhat-release file and noting the model and build number. The contents of this file are also displayed at the login prompt.


Here are some other tidbits of documentation that I have assembled that might be of interest to NetWinder owners:

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These links point off to information resources that are maintained by other people, and contain additional helpful information about NetWinder hardware and software.

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