NetWinder Disk Bugs / Problems / Issues

Build #10 bugs

  1. The RedHat tools 'glint' and 'runlevel editor' (which are called by control-panel) don't work.

  2. /bin/tar is old a.out and sometimes dumps core (particularly on large tarballs, since a.out executables are limited to 11 Megs maximum memory footprint).

  3. HUGE_VAL is incorrectly defined in the /usr/include/bits/huge_val.h header file. ScottB has posted a patch on 981111 to the mailing list.

  4. Permissions on /var/tmp are still coming out wrong... even though they are correct on the master disk...

  5. binutils still leaving local symbols all over the place. New version from Scott is not ready yet.

  6. cp, mv and others give warnings when setting permissions.  Solution is to install Anrdew's new fileutils package.

  7. (Rumour) Samba support not compiled into kernel or as a module.  Therefore samba doesn't work.

  8. setting the include path to "./" in gcc actually uses "/" instead - (AndrewM)

Build #9 bugs (grrr...)

The section documents other known bugs for which we don't have a quick solution.

Kernel issues


Build environment


DM Build #8

The following list pertains to the 2.0 DM Disk image, build #8. These are the known bugs that we need to fix for next time. Quick fixes for those people who can't wait for the next disk image are also available (if known):

  1. The /etc/XF86Config file gives very high ranges for the HorizSync and VertRefresh monitor settings. Many people don't have good enough monitors and consequently get no display when they start X. The solution is to edit the file and put more reasonable values in. I use "HorizSync 30-65" and "VertSync 50-75" as conservative starting values. Issue: what defaults should we ship with?
  2. The new XF86_SVGA server only runs as root. If you type 'startx' as non root you get an error.  The fix is as follows (and will appear on next disk image)

  3.       chmod 4711 /usr/X11/bin/Xwrapper
  4. The /usr/lib/libstdc++ needs to be upgraded to John Olson's version, so that KDE and such work. Already fixed! Build #8 already has the updated version
  5. Delete these old files: /usr/bin/wish4.2 /usr/bin/tclsh7.6 because they are old a.out binaries and don't function.
  6. The ibm 3270 font for the x3270 terminal emulator is missing (or the font path is wrong). Need to investigate.
  7. When using "joe" to edit large (>1 Meg) files, it often crashes when you save or exit. Maybe this is indicative of some bigger problem, or just joe needs to be recompiled.
  8. There are a few files that belong to fictitious users/groups. Try 'find -gid +500 -or -uid +500' to find them.
  9. Get rid of /lib/modules/2.0.31/lp.o (it doesn't belong there)
  10. Review the /etc/motd for spelling/content
  11. The top-level info directory is missing entries for make, cvs, gawk.. probably others too.
  12. /etc/cron.weekly/makewhatis fails with ugly messages.
  13. Under X there are still key mapping problems, for example PgUp/PgDn doesn't work
  14. cp fails when trying to set permissions on a symlink to something other than root. "function not implemented"
  15. mv fails when trying to move a file across filesystems "function not implemented"
  16. package e2fsprogs is not installed... the old a.out tools are installed.

  17.     Fixed! Andrew built a new e2fstools RPM...
        it is on
  18. midnight commander complains: master side of pty... pty_open_master()
  19. mingetty calles fcntl_setlk() with broken flock() emulation
  20. what is .rhkmvtag? and why does initscripts grep for it?
  21. clean up modprobe warnings about the a.out modules (fpem and company)
  22. tcl/tk : where are the static libraries? Only dynamic got built.
  23. wtmp/utmp corrupt - this is an issue with libc5 vs. glibc2 and its somewhat out of our control
  24. review manpath (for example missing /usr/X11/man)
  25. wrong permissions on /var/tmp
  26. (possible bug) XF86_SVGA  doesn't seem to be interpreting the "interlace" keyword properly
  27. Add kbdrate control program (from PatB's home dir)
  28. Add new Flash5 driver from woody
  29. /bin/date is a.out and not RPM'd (update: I rebuilt 'date' and it is available from but really this isn't the right fix since th RPM is still broken).
  30. check operation of xdm
  31. remove *.swp and .nfs* files
  32. correct usr/diag tests for uttc (JimB)

As of 21:56 on 22/10/98, we have corrected these bugs in built #8 (though these fixes are currently not visible to anyone other than Andrew and myself): We will still fix #1 and do a kernel rev to correct a problem with disk quotas (needed for the WS).

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