NetWinder DM Disk Image #14

Current status: This disk image will not be released officially. It was available on the ftp site for some time, but it was not meant to go out. There are a number of problems with the image.

However, a modified version of this disk image is being used as the basis for the OfficeServer product. Eventually, the OfficeServer will contain only the packages it actually requires, and therefore will have its own disk image. For now, it is built on top of build #14, with certain packages updated (most notably, the kernel, and several daemons). As a side effect, the current OfficeServers will include an X server, but it is unsupported. Note that apps like xterm don't work for various reasons. The OfficeServer is meant to be used "headless" (without a keyboard or mouse) so the fact that X is included at this time is merely an "oversight".

People looking for the latest development environment should install the dm-15-base image (see build #15 notes) and then add on the latest compiler, glibc and related tools.

Ralph Siemsen /