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A number of HOWTO's now exist to help with common tasks such as kernel, firmware and disk upgrades. Feedback on these documents is appreciated, please direct your comments to the author of the HOWTO. The following documents are currently available:

For your convenience, the HOWTO's are available in a number of different formats. They are generated from a common source document so they should all be identical in content.

HTML (individual pages) HTML (one big page) PostScript Compressed PostScript DVI SGML Source
Disk-Update-HOWTO 4.7 kbytes50.7 kbytes186.1 kbytes70.1 kbytes85.1 kbytes47.5 kbytes
Firmware-HOWTO 3.6 kbytes43.3 kbytes157.1 kbytes60.4 kbytes68.9 kbytes40.8 kbytes
Kernel-HOWTO 2.7 kbytes27.4 kbytes125.1 kbytes50.3 kbytes44.3 kbytes25.6 kbytes
Rescue-HOWTO 2.7 kbytes26.1 kbytes122.0 kbytes49.1 kbytes40.9 kbytes24.4 kbytes

If in doubt, use the first column :)

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