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10. Misc

10.1 Author

The author and maintainer of the NetWinder Disk-Update-HOWTO is Ralph Siemsen ( Please send me any comments, additions, corrections so that the can be included in the next release. The latest version of this document can be obtained from

10.2 To-do

The `sgml2info' version of this document doesn't show the examples properly - for some reason the linefeeds are removed. Why is this and how do I fix it?

10.3 History

May 22, 1999 (version 1.0): First public release of this document.

May 27, 1999 (version 1.1): Completed missing sections, added links to Carelton project, put in more cross-references.

Jun 7, 1999 (version 1.4): Added NFS-rescue section (thanks Mike!)

Jun 21, 1999 (version 1.5): Fixed typo in section 6.2 NetWinder setup (thanks to Steve Cockwell), added clarification about "rescue" versus "ralphs" versions of the firmware.

Dec 12, 1999 (version 1.6): Fixed typo in section 7.2, the filesystem type in the example was incorrectly listed.

Apr 10, 2000 (version 1.7): Documented the -O sparse_super option for mke2fs, which is necessary on dm-3.1-15.

10.4 Contributors

Right now this is a product entirely of my own imagination.

Mike Montour ( designed the NFS-rescue package.

Steve Cockwell ( spotted a typo in the Rescue-firmware chapter.

Jason Jackson ( spotted a typo in section 6, it should read netconfig_eth0...

Sean MacLennan ( for spotting a typo in section 7.2, the /etc/fstab entry should show a filesystem of nfs and not ext2.

Robert Scwartz ( caught my silly typo of the sparse_super option for mke2fs.

10.5 Legal stuff

This document is copyright (c) Ralph Siemsen, 1999.

Permission is granted to make and distribute copies of this manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all copies.

There is no warrantee whatsoever.

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