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8. NFS rescue

This method was developed by Mike Montour ( as an alternative to the full NFS-boot method described in the previous chapter. It's meant to simplify the process of configuring the server, and it also takes less space on the server (since it doesn't require the whole NetWinder disk image to be decompressed).

8.1 Usage

Mike has prepared a README for the use of his rescue filesystem. It is available at The NFS-rescue disk images are also available from the same place. Overall, the process is similar to that described in the previous chapter, `NFS booting'. Some of the differences include:

Notes for kernel 2.2.x and beyond: Upon booting you may encounter the message `Unable to open initial console' if using the older rescue packages or disk images. If this happens, the solution is to create a /dev/console entry (major 5, minor 1) in your NFS image. Alternatively, you can create a symbolic link from /dev/console to /dev/tty0.

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