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6. Misc

6.1 Author

The author and maintainer of the NetWinder Firmware-HOWTO is Ralph Siemsen ( Please send me any comments, additions, corrections so that the can be included in the next release. The latest version of this document can be obtained from

6.2 To-do

The descriptions of some of the boot options in the `Reference' chapter are lacking. These are the options that I don't normally use, and so I don't have much to say about. To be fixed.

The `sgml2info' version of this document doesn't show the examples properly - for some reason the linefeeds are removed. Why is this and how do I fix it?

6.3 History

April 20, 1999 (version 1.5): First public release of this document.

April 25, 1999 (version 1.6): Suggested by Woody: Added section on what to do if serial downloading doesn't complete, added note about param_struct at 0x100, and suggested installing new kernel if upgrading from pre-2.0 firmware.

April 26, 1999 (version 1.7): In tftp+initrd section, mention that ELF kernel must be used (and 2.2 currenty doesn't work). Thanks to Jim Studt for bringing this to my attention.

Sep 3, 1999 (version 1.8): Fixed URL's on the ftp site from pub/ccc to the new pub/netwinder. Added xmodem info in the serial kernel recovery section.

6.4 Contributors

San Mehat ( wrote the original firmware and wrote the preliminary documentation for it.

Woody Suwalski ( maintained the firmware up until version 2.3, and reviewed this documentation.

Andrew Mileski ( added in initrd support for tftp'ed kernels in version 2.0.7 of the firmware.

6.5 Legal stuff

This document is copyright (c) Ralph Siemsen, 1999.

Permission is granted to make and distribute copies of this manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all copies.

There is no warrantee whatsoever.

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