OfficeServer Release History

This page describes the changes made between major builds of the OfficeServer disk. It's maintained by hand, as opposed to the CVS automatic script that fishes out all the changes explicitly.

Version 1.0 [Build #1] - 07/09/1999

Version 1.0 [Build #2] - 15/09/1999

Version 1.1 [Build #1] - 03/11/1999

Version 1.1 [Build #2] - 17/11/1999

Version 1.1 [Build #3] - 18/11/1999

Version 1.1 [Build #4] - 12/13/1999

Version 1.2 (not yet released)

There were a dozen or so development releases, for internal distribution only. If you have one of these, you shouldn't.

Version 1.5 (released around March 7th 2000)

[Build #1]

Had a systematic bug with broken links for the help pages; not released

[Build #2]

The real next major release, including:

[Build #3]

Firmware updated to 2.1.16c to correct issue with pci timing on new units with the modified clock shaker circuit. Somehow, the ipmasqadm package got missed in the build, so this image is being pulled.

[Build #4] - 08/04/2000

Correction of build #3, to include the missing rpm. Otherwise no changes.

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