Sean's Netwinder Development Page

This page is temporarily on hold (temporarily because I can't afford one of the damn things yet *sigh*. I wish there was a payment plan). As soon as I own one, you'll be seeing a LOT of stuff here, since I intend to basically rip into it with my usual energetic fervor. Until then, if you need me, email me at I check it constantly, and I'm more than happy to help people out with what little I have so far.

In the meaintime, please email me your uses for a dead netwinder. I'll be putting together a list of them, so I need suggestions for it, as well as uses for your old windows NT boxes (since the netwinder make them so unnecesary!).

yes, I blatantly ripped the colors, images, and other stuff off of the Netwinder page. I was in a hurry.