CommuniGate Pro History

Data Files

3.3b9 06-Jul-00

  • Manual: the Directory, Directory Integration and Clusters pages are updated.
  • WebAdmin: Obscure: the Central Directory settings are phased out.
  • Directory: File(Local Units): the updates merging daemon is implemented.
  • Directory: Storage Unit deletion is implemented.
  • Directory Integration: the Delete All operation now removes only the records for accounts created on this Server.
  • WebUser: Korean (ISO-2022-KR) and Chinese (Big5) letters are correctly converted into HTML code.
  • WebUser: the Certificate link is displayed only if the domain has a Custom Certificate.
  • WebUser: the Mailing Lists link is displayed only if the domain has some mailing lists.
  • Foundation: a faster version of 'write to file' method is implemented (now used to store aliases, forwarders, groups, and account info).
  • LDAP: case-insensitive dictionaries are now used in modify-type operations.
  • HTTP: CGI environment variables HTTP_AUTHORIZATION and HTTP_REFERER are added.
  • HTTP: CGI program name in a URL can now be followed by '/' and some URL string.
  • Bug Fix: Mailboxes: 3.3b6-b8 versions might not show INBOX in the mailbox list, if INBOX was an external mailbox.
  • Bug Fix: Routing: Directory-based Routing did not work in 3.3b3-b8.
  • Bug Fix: under IRIX, AIX, HP/UX daylight saving times for the local time zones was not detected correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Rules: Rule Editor could crash the server if some of the condition or action fields were missing in the (customized) form.

3.3b8 21-Jun-00

3.3b7 12-Jun-00

3.3b6 01-Jun-00

3.3b5 01-May-00

3.3b4 24-Apr-00

3.3b3 17-Apr-00

3.3b2 02-Apr-00

3.3b1 03-Mar-00

3.2.4 14-Feb-00

3.2.3 28-Jan-00

3.2.2 18-Jan-00

3.2.1 14-Jan-00

3.2 12-Jan-00

3.2b9 26-Dec-99

3.2b8 15-Dec-99

3.2b7 07-Dec-99

3.2b6 29-Nov-99

3.2b5 04-Nov-99

3.2b4 25-Oct-99

3.2b3 18-Oct-99

3.2b2 10-Oct-99

3.2b1 17-Sep-99

See Pre-3.2 History.