CommuniGate Pro Licensing

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The CommuniGate Pro software is available from Stalker FTP and Web sites, and their mirrors, on CD-ROMs, and from other sources. This software is a fully functional, unlimited version of the CommuniGate Pro server.

Until the Server is licensed, it adds a one-line banner to all messages it transfers. There are no disabled features in an unlicensed installation.

After you have installed and configured an unlicensed software, you may run it in the trial mode as long as you need to check all its functionality and features, and to verify its stability in your particular configuration.

Only when the system is up and running to your full satisfaction, should you contact Stalker Sales staff and purchase the license keys

License Keys

The CommuniGate Pro uses numeric license keys. One Master key is issued to each installation. It encodes the main domain name of the system, but it does not limit neither the number nor names of secondary domains and domain-level routing records in the Router.

Additional Keys enable various features of a licensed CommuniGate Server. All currently available CommuniGate Pro features are enabled for free in both trial and licensed versions, and the keys are needed only to allow you to register a certain amount of user accounts and to create a certain number of mailing lists.

Pricing (per one single- or multi-CPU Server Computer)

Basic LicenseIncludesPrice 
      50 accounts,   5 mailing lists
     200 accounts,  15 mailing lists
   1,000 accounts, 100 mailing lists
   30,000 accounts,  unlimited lists
Large ISP
Unlimited accounts,  unlimited lists
   Next-Level Basic License
price difference 
Additional LicenseIncludesPrice 
Mailing Lists
        Additional  25 mailing lists
        Additional 100 mailing lists
Cluster LicenseIncludesPrice 
Static Cluster
Unlimited accounts & lists, 2 back-ends, 3 front-ends
Static Cluster
Unlimited accounts & lists, 5 back-ends, 10 front-ends
Dynamic Cluster
Unlimited accounts & lists, 3 back-ends, 5 front-ends
Dynamic Cluster
Unlimited accounts & lists, 5 back-ends, 12 front-ends

edu Educational Discounts Available
fin Financing Available
lst Only one license per server

Note: The number of accounts is the number of actual Accounts created in all CommuniGate Pro Domains. The number of domains, account and domain aliases, groups, and forwarders, as well as the number of mailing list subscribers is not limited.


Basic SupportIncludesPrice 
Unlimited E-mail technical support E-mailing to support staff at$FREE
2 years of Updates Downloading from$FREE
Mailing List Access Automatic Subscribing at$FREE
Knowledge Base Access Archive search at$FREE

In addition to free unlimited E-mail support provided to all CommuniGate Pro customers, premium support packages are available, too.

Premium SupportIncludesPrice  
Migration up to 5 pre-scheduled telesessions$600.00 
Emergency a telesession within 4 hours (24x7), 5 incidents$2000.00 
Silver Pack a telesession within 8 hours (24x7), up to 4 incidents/month $CALL/year 
Gold Pack a telesession within 6 hours (24x7), up to 4 incidents/month $CALL/year 
V.I.C. Pack a telesession within 4 hours (unlimited) (24x7),
on-site support within 12 hours

telesession - phone and/or telnet login to the site
loc on-site support is not available in some locations

Purchasing the License Keys

When you complete CommuniGate Pro evaluation and verify that the CommuniGate Pro software operates as required by you and/or your organization, you should purchase the CommuniGate Pro License Keys.

Read, print, and sign the CommuniGate Pro License Agreement, and fax it to

1 415 383 7461

You can call Stalker sales department at:

1 800 262 4722
1 415 383 7164
or E-mail to
or order online at
Stalker Web Site

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards are welcome.

Contact Stalker Sales for information about check, wire transfer and purchase order acceptance policies.

Stalker Sales Staff will process your order and fax over the License Keys to be entered into the CommuniGate Pro Software Settings. This will eliminate the Trial Version banners.

A receipt and a copy of the License Keys will be mailed to you for your records.

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