Inside my Netwinder 

The front panel of my NetWinder was slightly buckled, so, I took the lid off to fix it. Since I had just invalidated my warranty I thought 'might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb'. Here are the photo's and chip identification lists.

The photo's aren't brilliant but they will hopefully satisfy the curious among you that haven't already wealded the screwdriver.

It's a revision 44ff, 64Mb, 3.2Gb box. I'm not sure if the modem stuff is on it since none of my (paltry) collection of UK telecoms kit seems to do anything with it.

1. Lid off. With hard disk and daughtercard

NetWinder with the lid off

2. Mainboard. No hard disk or daughtercard

NetWinder mainboard

3. Underneath.

NetWinder mainboard underside

4. Daughtercard

NetWinder daughtercard

For more pictures check out Ralph Siemsen's page on